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The Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail (AZT)


If you think the entire state of Arizona is sand and prickly plants, The Arizona Trail (AZT) will show you otherwise. An array of sweltering heat, rain, sleet, and snow will slap you silly on this roller coaster through one of the most rugged and diverse corners of the contiguous United States.

AZT Overview

  • 800 miles (1,300 km)
  • Mexico to Utah
  • High Point: 9,600 ft  (San Francisco Peaks)
  • Low Point: 1,700 ft (Gila River)
  • Open to hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers, and cross country skiers
  • Traverses The Grand Canyon
  • Designated as a National Scenic Trail in 2009 and completed in 2011

AZT Resources

  • The Arizona Trail Association (ATA) is responsible for maintaining the AZT. Their website hosts everything from maps and videos to a commemorative water bottle that’s way too heavy to carry on a distance hike.
  • Detailed topographical maps of the entire trail can be purchased from the ATA.
  • Water is life and the AZT doesn’t have much of it. A current water report could save you from a miserable death.
  • A distance hiker by the name of Nathan Rainer has compiled and posted a detailed town guide on his website, Long Walks and Dirty Socks. I was able to resupply along the entire AZT without mail drops, using this guide. If you find this resource useful, show Nathan some love with a small donation.