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Long Trail

The Long Trail (LT)


The Long Trail (LT) is the oldest long-distance recreational trail in the United States. Known for its steep grade, abundance of mud, and overall ruggedness, this footpath inspired the creation of the longer/more popular Appalachian Trail.

LT Overview

  • 272 miles (438 km)
  • Massachusetts to Canada
  • High Point: 4,393 ft (Mount Mansfield)
  • Coincides with the Appalachian Trail for 100-ish miles between Massachusetts and Sherburne Pass
  • Founded in 1910

LT Resources

  • The LT is maintained and protected by  the Green Mountain Club (GMC).
  • The Long Trail End-to-Ender’s Guide provides information about trail preparation, getting to and from the southern and northern terminus, primitive backcountry shelters, and resupply points.
  • The GMC’s topographical Long Trail Map is multi-color, waterproof, and extremely detailed. An elevation profile, side trails, milage between shelters, and bits of historical information are included. This is the only map you’ll need to thru the oldest distance trail in the US.