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Day 4: Leaving Lyell for Donahue

Lyell Canyon to Donahue Pass
Day: 9 Miles
Trip: 43.5 Miles

I’ve decided to lessen my pace for a few days, until I reach Reds Meadow and my next resupply. I’m still acclimating to this altitude, and my feet are a bit sore from adjusting to the weight of my pack. I’ll be in the good company with Ruby, Christine, and Sarah, but I’m going to lose track of Derek and Ladd. I hope to rejoin them when I get to Reds Meadow.

Leaving Lyell Canyon

Leaving Lyell Canyon in the Rearview

Late in the morning, we cross one of many large streams that feed the canyon below. While soaking our feet and filtering water, we spot a large ribcage stuck in the rocks downstream. We laugh and pose for pictures with the new subject of interest, like children at an amusement park.



I don’t know if it was the sight of those tasty ribs, or the aesthetics of this disgustingly awesome view, but an hour later we stop for lunch and ponder what we have left to climb.


Lunch Time at the base of Donahue Pass

Somewhere around seven in the evening we make our final push over the top of Donahue Pass.  At 11,073 feet, it’s somewhat of a thigh-burner.  Christine, Ruby, and Sarah clearly love every minute of it.

We also walk through some Sierra Nevada snow for the first time. I’m pretty sure this is the only time in my life that I’ve played in snow during the month of July.


Snow Fun in the July Sun

We also had a pretty decent view from our campsite tonight. I guess you could say it was an alright day.


Camping in La La Land, South of Donahue Pass.