Take a Trek

Day 6: One-Legged Michael Jackson Stances

Burnt Rancheria Campground to Laguna Campground

Miles: 42-48 (6)



The leg feels a little better. I’ve been doing the whole RICE thing all morning, laying in my tent, thinking of things in my pack that I can get rid of. I walk to the post office and start a bump box. I fill it with things I don’t need right.now, like extra food and bug gear, and mail it 67 miles up the trail, to Warner Springs. I drop over a pound of pack weight. That’s how a bump box works. Magic.

I’m ready for a few miles. The swelling is almost gone, I have KT Tape all over my shin, the compression sock feels like money, and I’m wearing my new running shorts (thank you, hiker box). My leg literally looks good. Puppy is loitering outside the post office. I thank her again. This town/community is so small. It’s time to go, go, go.

It’s a slow six miles to Laguna Campground. I do a lot of one-legged Michael Jackson stances, the ones where you point your toes towards the earth and stretch all the tendons in the front of your ankle. I feel like a smooth criminal, looking out at an barren landscape that stretches on forever. It’s at a turtles pace, but I’m moving again, so that’s good.

A lot of the characters from Burnt Rancheria Campground are here tonight. Globe is trying to start a fire with an ant-infested log. “That’ll send ’em a runnin’.” He has 45 safety pins attached to his army vest. If I need to do some sewing, this guy could be useful. There’s  a lot of Budweiser here and more food donated by some locals staying at a different site. The trail provides, provides, provides. How much longer will this go on for? I drink a Budweiser, go to my tent, and strap an ice pack to my shin.