Take a Trek

Day 27: ‘Round these parts

Cajon Pass to Highway 2 (Wrightwood)
Miles: 347 to 369 (22)

Andy, Demetre, Nicky Chafe, and I break camp and climb into the thick morning fog Of Cajon Pass. Up and up we go, around one long, switchback after another. A maze of clouds suddenly releases us and a misty world of abstract ridges and peaks reveals itself.

Cajon Pass

 The climb continues until lunchtime. We explode our packs in a patch of dirt, in the shad provided by a small grove of trees. Everyone is farting all over themselves, giggling and laughing. Trail food typically inspires flatulance, but our visit to the Golden Arches has made this afternoon especially noisy.

I descend to highway 2 ahead of the others, tack a note onto a visible post, and mosey towards the blacktop. We have plans to meet up and spend the night in Wrightwood, so I’ll wait for my friends in town. I’ve barely reached the road, when a car traveling in the opposite direction of Wrightwood does a u-turn, haults beside me, and asks if I need a ride. “You were going in the wrong direction,” I explain. The young couple from LA doesn’t care. “We just brought a couple other hikers down there. We don’t mind.” i reach for the door handle. People are so friendly ’round these parts.

The AhWe Tribe eventually meets me at a shanby, little bar in Wrightwood, then we retreat to a rustic cabin that Mah already reserved for the night. We tick the evening hours away with pizzas, ice cream, beers, and laughs. There’s a fire place that needs to be maintained as well, so we also spend a considerable amount of time trying not to burn the place down.

getting weird in cabins