Take a Trek

Day 23: Door slam

Big Bear Lake to Little Bear Spring Camp
Miles 266–286 (20)

Certain things don’t mix well together, things like hangovers and hiking. I’m a mess this morning. The world is a wobbly, nauseating place. I struggle to get my gear together and stuff it into my pack, before the hostel shuttle departs for the trailhead at 8:30. When I stumble out to the parking lot, The AhWe Tribe informs me that Sarge came up with a new trailname for me, “Door Slam.” I guess it’s hard to shut doors quietly when you’re drunk as shit. 

Mah, Chafe, and Demetre in a trunk

The PCT Gods must have known that I would be useless today, because the next 20 miles of trail is a beautifully flat cruiser. I’m grateful for how painless this day wast, until I make camp with the AhWe Tribe and notice that something is missing from my pack–my headlamp. I have no light. It was attached to my head when I passed out drunk last night.. I imagine it’s still stuck between the wall and the upper bunk that I slept in at Big Bear Hostel. Maybe Sarge can use it for a door stop when it turns up. Ugh…