Take a Trek

Day 22: Dorm life

Big Bear Lake, Ca
Mile | 266 (0)

If I was already in the mountains, I would deal with this weather accordingly. I’d simply pack up and keep moving forward. I’m not on the trail though–I’m in town. I don’t want to zero again, but it’s snowing sideways outside. Trudging off into this weather seems unnecessarily silly.

So it’s another zero at The Big Bear Hostel. 

Everyone has been in town for a day already, so the errands are done. We spend the afternoon lounging, napping, and resting. Our dorm room is a tangly mess of empty beer cans, half-eaten junk food, and smelly gear. I feel like I’m revisiting a convoluted version of my college years.  I’m living the dorm life again.

Backpacker dorm life, Andy

Mom makes dinner, vegetarian soup and baked bread, then summons us to the dining room. The AhWe Tribe gathers together, like a small family, a trail family, for the first homemade meal that we’ve had since leaving home. If it weren’t for Mom, we’d all be eating out of pizza boxes right now. Mom earned a fitting trailname.

The sun sets and a wave of restlessness washes over the pool of hikers that’ve  been marooned in Big Bear Lake for two days. A few dozen of us gather at a local pub for a few pints of social lubrication. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces in one place at the same time. 

Fun times with fun people