Take a Trek

Day 16: Cookies and Cream

Idyllwild to Fuller Ridge
Miles | 179-191 (12+3 for side trail)

Ben got drunk last night and came back to our room with a trailname, Baby Bear. I’m not sure how it happened-no one is safe from acquiring a nickname out here. Baby Bear and Wolfman went to breakfast and plan to hike out later today. I’m itching to get to the top of San Jacinto, the second largest mountain in Southern California, at 10,800 feet. It’ll be an awesome sort of weird up there, everything covered in snow. I hitch a ride back to the trail from the second car that I see. I’m skipping about 25 miles of trail, because of a fire closure that’s been in place since 2013. A few have chosen to roadwalk this section, but most are just hitching around it. There’s nothing enjoyable about hiking on pavement. Nothing.

I climb into a wintery world that’s melting and raining all over everything. Blobs of snow fall from the trees and splatter all around me. The trail turns from packed snow to slushy mud. I’m trudging through cookies and cream ice cream. I reach the summit and unfold my foam sleeping pad on a long, smooth rock that’s been warming in the sun. The view is a soft blanket of clouds, occasionally penetrated by a jagged peak or distant ridgeline. I slide my sunhat over my face and drift away for an hour. 

San Jacinto Summit

Tarzan, AtHome, and I camp on a craggy ridge below San Jacinto. We’re still above the clouds and the setting sun looks like it’s melting into a sea of cotton balls. It’s another outstanding performance by the PCT.

Tarzan and AtHome