Take a Trek

Day 15: Snow Day Zero Day

Idyllwild, Ca
Mile: 152 (0)

I wake up before everyone else and navigate across a floor of sleeping hikers, silhouettes in the morning twilight. Epic and Seitan are having a snoring dual. I step outside, face my palms towards the sky, and watch them fill with little white flakes that remind me of shaved  coconut. The world slipped under a thin blanket of white while we were sleeping. And it’s cold, so cold. This desert chaparral is so random.

 Idyllwild has become a bottleneck, clogged with hikers waiting for the weather to pass.  Our cabin was already reserved for the weekend, so Kett, Ben, Seitan, and I move to a hotel a mile up the road. Its a big, flashy place with a fire place, a pool table, and a display of paintings from the old west. Our room is small, themed like a John Wayne movie, and has a real revolver in a leather holster hanging on the wall. It feels like the people who run this place want us to dress up like Cowboys.