Take a Trek

Day 11: Too Much Food

Warner Springs to Agua Caliente Creek
Miles: 109 to 115 (6)

I wake up at the Warner Springs Community Center and walk one mile to the post office. I sent myself way too much food-the hiker hunger hasn’t started yet. I take half of my mail-drop, put the rest in a bump box, and ship it to Hiker Town, 400 miles down the trail. When I’m done, a man with white hair appears and offers a ride to myself and another hiker named Ben. Our driver tells us his name is Glen and he’s been running a hiker taxi between the Community Center and the post office for a few weeks. He does all of this voluntarily.

I take a long shower beneath the afternoon sun, in a shabby wooden stall, while I wait for my gadgets to charge. The Community Center is crawling with hikers today, many of them with familiar faces. Sheik found another guitar to play, and Rabbit is still overflowing with energy, bouncing around the grassy yard that so many of us slept on last night. I meet Nude Dude, a guy who hikes in his underwear and carries a 60-pound pack full of camera equipment. He’s plans to make a film about the PCT and tells me he sent most of his clothes home to save on pack weight. 

Canyon and Rabbit

 By the time I leave Warner Springs, the sun is hanging low in the sky. I hike six quick miles to Agua Caliente Creek, pitch my shelter on a dusty knoll beneath a tall oak tree, and listen to the rich baritone of an owl hooting into the night.